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Бесплатно смотреть онлайн The Amazing Spider-Man - The Game PC Download 720p скачать игру на компьютер бесплатно человек паук конец времени the amazing spiderman игрыа видио онлайн бесплатно

  • 12-07-2013, 18:38
  • 290
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  • Человек-паук
Стоит обратить на это видео свое внимание! This is The Amazing Spider-Man for the PC. It's not exactly the most optimized port-to-pc game but it's tolerable, at least for me. Most of the time it was at 12 fps so if you have a low end pc you might not want this game. I'm sure the game is good, it's spiderman so why not? I don't know what else to say, never really saw anything about this game before playing this part. It's about 7 gbs. Download link below:crack is in the disk.Or here if you are having troubles, I guess.hope you have fun! :DReally feelsy paragraph I just took 20 minutes typing, it goes a bit into my personal life so don't read it if you don't want to possibly cry a little. I'm not dying by the way, just trying to get stronger in life I suppose.I'm sorry these ones were super late by the way. I've been feeling really weak lately, just kinda boring around here I guess. Haven't gone out anywhere with my family in over a month so I feel really bleh. I was going out at least once or twice a week the past 5 months and we went on small weekend vacations and not having those really puts me down. I don't really have anything to do that I enjoy anymore, just regular life stuff. Not that you could even do anything about it since you probably don't live close to me at all, I'm just a little unhappy with things is all. Who am I kidding? Ever since my brother left to his own house and life I've been bored as shit! I have no one to do things with, can't go out on walks, can't play games with anyone, can't watch movies with anyone. I feel so alone, I have extreme social anxiety and I can't go outside without someone with me. I don't like talking to strangers, I feel super awkward when I'm around others, sometimes even my family. I'm 80 pounds overweight so get nasty comments from people that see me on omegle or something like that, that makes me feel like shit so bad you don't even believe. I can't exercise without my brother there, I don't have the motivation I used to have to do things now that he's not here. He's the best, I cry every time I think about him, yep, there it goes. If you see this Ray Ray, I mean it, you're the best brother anybody could ask for. Never judgmental about anything, always accepting me as a person no matter what I like or do. Always funny and kind. It has been immensely difficult getting by ever since you left, it's just not the same without you. I don't even understand how I've gotten this far without you. It's unfathomable to me, to have you not be here with me is the absolute most devilish phantasmagoria I could ever imagine. Yeah, small peek into my life. All I really want is a friend that I can just hang out and be chill with, that was my brother then, now there's nobody. And yes I do have 2 sisters but I've tried asking them multiple times but they don't want to do anything with me, they have lots of school work to do and just don't have the time. It's not that they hate me, they've praised me of being a great brother many times, they just don't have time, yes. The 9th grader is the best in her grade almost all the time so I'm really proud of her, I wouldn't want to mess with that with my games and whatnot. We've played games in the past, mostly during summer. We even got the Platinum trophy in Resident Evil 5 on the PS3 this summer, that was insanely fun. I hope we can find a few shorter scary games for the holidays, that should be fun. My other sister does play games sometimes but not too often. I'm delving a bit deep now so I guess I'll just stop now. Голосуйте и комментируйте!

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