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Cмотреть онлайн PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (?????) PARODY! KIM JONG STYLE! | Key of Awesome #63 Full HD бэтмен песня слушать The Key of Awesome psy

  • 28-04-2013, 08:21
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Интересное видео! Kim Jong Style! The best K-POP comes from North Korea!Watch the comments video: Behind the Scenes: by Todd Womack, Mark Douglas, and Bryan Olsen.Directed by Tom SmallCheck out our second Channel! to Awesome! to BarelyPolitical!Key of Awesome Website!Facebook!s Channel: //twitter.com/markdouglas73Todd's Channel: //www.twitter.com/toddwomackViet Vo's Stuff: (Kim Jong Un)facebook.com/viet.vo.52Andy Zou's Stuff:facebook.com/zoutrontwitter.com/CyjackXwww.AndyZou.comCamille Casanova's Stuff:twitter.com/BlackMambasawww.camillecasanova.comCaroline Caron Phelps' Stuff:pickledplum.nettwitter.com/misspickledplumfacebook.com/caroline.caronphelpsRyun Hobb's Stuff:www.facebook.com/RyunHHobbswww.twitter.com/RyunHobbsMusic Produced by EMW//www.facebook.com/EastMidWestMusicthe songs on iTunes!to the Newsletter of Awesome!//thekeyofawesome.spreadshirt.comFollow us on Twitter//twitter.com/#!/thekeyofawesomeWrite us a letter!The Key of AwesomeP.O. Box 23 New York, NY 10113LYRICSOppan Kim Jong style Kim Jong Style!!I am kim jeong-un and I'm not here to amuse ya,No, not kim jeong-il sorry for the confusion.Everybody thinks South Korea makes the best K-pop.You know who does a better job? Do you?I'll give you a guessIt's a country whose number one export is nuclear testsThe national pastime of the people is to be oppressedDid you guess North Korea congrats cuz you are the best!You passed the test! And I'm the leader, The Great Successor Who'd have known? Me!I should have known! Yay!I'd run for office, but who'd oppose me?Any of You? Nay!How bout you? Nay!Because just like Thor God of Thunder my Father chose chose chose chose meKPOP Kim Jong Style!Kim Jong Style!!Walk-walk-walk-walk Walking Kim Jong StyleLet's chill for a while Back to work!Hey check out our NavyFire Fire Shoot Fire Fire Wiping out hostilesAnd nobody's lazyWork-work sleep then work, torture!I think you thought the Kim Jong age was almost done.But just like Friends or Seinfeld it is only a rerun.Cuz I'm just like my father and his father Kim Il Sung,'cept they call me Kim Jong Fun, number one!I got awesome hair My daddy willed it to me because I'm his awesome heirYou should come to North Korea because we have awesome airIt's the only thing we have to eat because the food is scarceCheck in on FoursquareI'm like the BeatlesI make the peopleCry and scream (yay)See what I mean? (whew)I go swimmin,I pick up womenTake off your clothes (okay)Suck on my toes (Who, me?)I am Kim Jong Un and I will never be depose-pose-pose-posed !!!Dancing Single File!Make sure and Smile!Throw-ow-ow-ow them on the pile.Without trial.Kim Jong Style. Спасибо за внимание!

Теги: , psy, gangnam, style, parody

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